Disease Control

Diseases are often a problem when the lawn is under stress.  These can be treated with a fungicide but regular Aeration and Lawn Treatments can help prevent attacks. During wet, warm periods diseases such as Red Thread can become a problem. Littleworth Lawn Care can apply a fungicide to combat this.


Littleworth Lawn Care offer a regular Mowing Service on either a weekly or fortnightly basis.  Mowing as a one-off job can be arranged, if you need to bring your lawn back under control. Our Mowing Service is carried out from March until October and can be location dependent.

Garden Maintenance

Our Garden Maintenance Service is intended to help keep your garden looking great, not just your lawn. Littleworth Lawn Care can weed the beds and borders, prune any over growth and keep hedges neatly trimmed.

Garden Waste Removal

Littleworth Lawn Care can not only bag and tidy waste produced from our Services but we can also remove this waste for our Customers as requested (small charge applies).

Unable to see a Lawn Care Service you are interested in? Please contact us, we may be able to help!

Littleworth Lawn Care carry out an exstensive range of Lawn Care Services all tailored to your Lawns requirements:

Seasonal Lawn Treatments:

A programme of 5 treatments to keep your lawn healthy throughout the year is recommended. 

Spring, Early-Summer and Late Summer

A season-specific granular fertiliser is spread evenly on to the lawn and a weed control spray applied.


A low Nitrogen feed is applied to prepare the lawn for the onset of colder weather.


A feed is sprayed on to the lawn to improve the colour and help moss control.


Unlike many Lawn Care Companies we offer Solid-Tine Aeration which is now recognised as essential in maintaining a healthy lawn.  We also offer Hollow-Tine Aeration when compaction and thatch are a problem.

Solid -Tine

Strongly recommended for your lawn twice every year. It helps air and moisture circulate through the soil, to boost root growth and reduce moss and disease. It does not damage the soil structure like Hollow-Tine Aeration can do.


Recommended when compaction of sub-surface thatch (a build up of dead grass roots) is a problem. It removes cores from the lawn creating larger holes than Solid-Tine Aeration. These cores are then removed by us and bagged for your disposal.


An intensive process used to remove excessive thatch (dead grass) and moss. The lawn is swept after clearing to remove as much as possible and then treated with a moss control spray. 

Lawn Grub Control

Littleworth Lawn Care can help combat lawn pests such as Chafer Grubs (Phyllopertha horticola) and Leatherjackets (Tipula ​spp.) which can destroy a lawn however, if pre-empted with a preventative treatment or caught early enough can be eliminated and allow the lawn to recover without the need for expensive restoration work. Chafer Grubs love sandy and light soils and are best treated in May.  Leatherjackets are the larval form of Daddy Long Legs and cause most damage in the Autumn.  All insecticides which target lawn grubs have now been banned but we can apply a natural nematode treatment which is harmless to other animals.

Chafer Grub

Same lawn 6 weeks after Insecticide Treatment

The damage caused by Leatherjackets

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